How To Double Your Passive Income With An Extra Email

"Increase eMail Marketing Profits"There is always this stigma attached with follow up emails on your offers. What is acceptable and what is considered as bugging someone. I remember unsubscribing once because I received the follow up 14 times about a product over a three day period.

This is extreme and annoying but what is good and what is going to increase your sales?

What I find works best is the following and you can off and test this on your list.

1. Send out a follow up email two days later

This then gives people the chance to buy your product who forgot about it and this will often bring me 30% more sales than I made on the original launch email. I will always thank the buyers of the product and also explain something else about the product.

2. Send out a second follow up email another two days later

I will send this email (via Aweber) to everyone that previously opened my email and didn’t click on the link, or those that didn’t open it at all.

Now I am getting into the cycle of sending an email another two days later. This email I will share something that I have covered in the product and then in the signature there will be a link to buy the product.

This will then bring me another 15% in sales.

3. Send out a second follow up email another two days later

Now this will be the first of two further follow up emails so that since the launch they have had the original launch email followed by a further four follow ups two days apart. Therefore I have now created a 8 day cycle with my post launch and this will double my profits rather than just leaving it at the first email.

This is also very good to do if you have a small list as then you can get more sales for your money.

Plus it sounds so much better to get $5000 sales than to get $2500. And why go to the effort of creating the product if you are not going to follow it up with as many sales as you like.

I have also found with this method that I get very little unsubscribers because with them never getting two emails in one day they don’t feel like they are being stalked.

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