How To Create The Perfect SEO Friendly Article

"How To Create The Perfect SEO Friendly Article"If there is one thing that I have seen so much rubbish written about over my years in internet marketing, it would have to be how to write the perfect SEO article. I have seen all sorts I can assure you, and some of this information will do your website or blog far more harm than good.

So how do you create the perfect SEO friendly article. Before you start it should always be remembered that real people will be visiting your website and a true search engine optimised article will incorporate this as the most important factor.

There is nothing worse that an article which has been stuffed full of keywords and phrases, so much so that it is more or less unreadable. Google has recently clamped down big time on this type of content and it will now not only be the visitors to your website that won’t be impressed but also the search engines who will make sure that your website will drop like a stone down the search engine rankings.

The way I always write my own SEO friendly articles, and with great results may I add, is quite simply to include the keyword phrase towards the beginning of the first paragraph, once in the middle of the article and once at the end.

I can honestly say that if you make your number one priority that of the visitors to your blog or website, you won’t go far wrong and success will come naturally to you.

If any of these so called guru’s tell you any different, please don’t listen, it will be more than likely because they are trying to sell you some kind of product or course which will do nothing more than put money in their pockets.

Just keep it nice and simple and you won’t go far wrong, remember to add quality SEO content to your blog or website on a regular basis and you will be doing everything that Google, and your visitors for that matter, everything that they could ever want and one more thing that I should mention, once you start to write your content in this way it really will be like second nature and far easier than you could ever have imagined. Which means that you will keep on doing it, momentum will take over and the results that you will experience will be better than in your wildest dreams.

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