How To Create A New Income Stream Without Knowing Anything About It

"Internet Marketing Tips"Sometimes people assume that you have to have a huge knowledge on a subject to make any real money from it. However this is not always the case. Yes sure if you are managing your own business selling something then it is needed that you know the subject well.

But what if you were the middleman?

What if you had a great talent with a specific area of marketing and you could use that to bring a fantastic income your way?

Now this is an example of what you could do….

In the offline marketing world there are lots of businesses that do not have a clue about the world of internet marketing. For example dentists, opticians, solicitors, vets and doctors. Though what they always want is more leads that then bring more money in for them. The only online marketing most of them do is advertising on Yell and that’s where it starts and ends.

On the other side of things there is the marketing company that specialise in offline companies yet don’t have a clue of how to generate the leads.

That’s where YOU come in as the third party in all of this!

And best of all you don’t need to have the knowledge of offline marketing to make this happen as that is not your job.

Your job is to introduce the two together.

So first of all you find some good services that are suitable for an offline company such as:

  • Mobile website
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • GeneralTrafficBuilding

Though I am sure when you starting thinking about what would be good for these local businesses you can come up with some really good services.

Then you contact to the companies you have in mind and ask them what their fee will be per lead.

Many of these companies charge more to offline companies and therefore you can then earn a lot more per lead from them. So if they are selling a service for $5000 they would gladly pay you $125 per lead.

Then you start generating leads through local businesses. You offer them an incentive for becoming a lead such as a free consultation then the marketing company does the rest.

The Yell directory is a very big place (plus there are similar sites) and from contacting 200 a week and getting 10% to agree to it will result in 20 new leads a week and an impressive $2500 a week in your pocket.

It also reminds me about how easy it is to make money as the middleman. You could just as easily have a mobile friendly website put up and then outsource the packages sold via a third party.

You just have to look at the success of Fiverr and just how many people are outsourcing packages on there.

Worth thinking about it isn’t it and remember as you are not carrying out the work you don’t need to be experienced in the subject.

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