How To Come Up With Unique Titles For Your Blog

"How To Come Up With Unique Titles For Your Blog"Adding new posts to your blog on a regular basis is vital to the success of your business. What is more, you need to make sure that those blog posts are well written and provide value to your readers. As if that wasn’t enough, you also need to make sure that the titles of your blog posts are unique. Seems like a lot of work, huh? Well, it may seem like it now, but once you get the swing of things, creating well written blog posts with unique titles will become second nature. Until you get to that point, however, allow me to offer you some advice for creating blog posts and titles that really shine.

First, let’s start with your blog titles. Once you choose a topic to discuss in your blog post, you need to come up with a blog title that is really unique. Why? Because the title is what is going to get noticed and if the tile is unique, you are going to increase your search engine rankings and you are going to grab the attention of your current, as well as new site visitors. Think about it; would you choose a book from the library that had a boring title? Chances are, you probably wouldn’t. So, how can you choose unique titles for your blog posts? Try using some of these tips to help you:

  • Think Outside the Box. Try to think outside the box. While your blog post may be about something that your competitors are also writing about, if you have a title that is completely different and more intriguing than your competitors, than you are going to have a better chance of being recognized.
  • Make it Relate. Your current site visitors, as well as the new site visitors that you are trying to attract, want to read something that they can relate to. If you think of a unique title that relates to them in some way, then there is more of a chance that you are going to grab their attention. So, think of a title that your site visitors can relate to.
  • Think Lists. I don’t know why or what it is about them, but people love lists. Maybe it’s because they like to know what is the best of something? Whatever the reason, a title that includes the word “List” in it is sure to shine. For example, “Top 10 List of Beaches” or “List of New York’s Best Restaurants.”
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