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"How to Cached"Just in case you are not aware, a Google cached version of a blog or website is simply a snap shot of a website at a given time which Google stores and which can be found if the up to date blog or website is not available.

When you hear someone say that their website has been cached by Google they are usually talking about getting it indexed and there are various methods how to get cached which we will talk about here. It used to be the case not to long ago that it could take ages to get a website or blog indexed but now due to Google’s real time indexing programme it is thought that a blog post for instance will be indexed within only a few seconds of it being posted.

With a new blog or website, it can be indexed within a few days and one of the most effective ways to get indexed it to get links from an already established blog or website which is on the same subject as the new website. By doing this the Google bots will know exactly where to find you.

Another excellent solution as to how to get cached is to put up some new content and submit a link to the content to the social bookmarking websites. This method works just as well now as it ever has done and is both quick and easy to do.

One method which it could be argued is not as effective as it once was is to submit the URL of your blog or website to the Google owned webmaster tools. It is still worth doing but due to internet marketers spamming this tool, it does not carry as much weight as it once did.

Whichever methods you choose when deciding how to get cached, you really should not forget that this, they are not a short cut to not having a good quality blog or website. You could get cached within the shortest possible space of time but if Google doesn’t like what it see’s you will fall down the search engine rankings far more quickly than you could ever imagine.

If you make sure you only use excellent content and are offering your visitors a top quality experience you will find that with these caching techniques you really be on to a winner and high search engine rankings will be guaranteed.

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