How to Become a More Productive Internet Marketer

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Are you looking for new ways to increase productivity and boost your income online? Let’s face it. With all the memes, pictures, posts, and videos on the Internet, it sometimes takes nerves of steel to not open a new tab and get distracted. When you work online, distractions are easy to come by. Internet marketers spend hours reading their emails, chatting on Facebook, reading articles online, or checking website stats. In the end, they are left with very little time to accomplish their daily goals.

Here are some tips on how to become a more productive Internet marketer:

Schedule Everything

Plan everything ahead. Use Google Calendar or other program to map out your daily tasks. Determine the amount of time needed to complete each task. When you wake up in the morning, create a schedule for writing blog posts, reading emails, cooking, and spending time with friends. This will help you stay organized and focused.

Pinpoint Your Peak Time

You have approximately three peak productivity hours in your day. If you stay focused and stick to your schedule, you may be able to squeeze out four productive hours every day. Locate your peak hours and then focus on high priority tasks during these times. Figuring out your peak productivity time is the single most important thing you can do to improve your time management.

Organize Your Tasks

Before starting your work day, write down what you wish to accomplish. If you have a particularly difficult task, do it first thing in the morning. You may also break down your tasks into small pieces. It’s much easier to stay focused when you’ve got smaller tasks you can work on.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

A skilled virtual assistant can save you time and money. She can handle the most time consuming tasks involved in online marketing. You can hire a VA to post on forums, make travel arrangements, handle billing, send out information to your clients, and answer customer inquiries. A virtual assistant can also manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets, connect with prospects on social networks, and write articles for your site.

Identify Your Bad Habits

Do you spend too much time on Twitter or Facebook? Are you checking your email at least five times a day? Do you chat with your friends for hours? Communication is like oxygen for online marketers. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend hours every day checking your email messages and social streams. Set aside certain times when you go online on social networks. Use Buffer, Twitterfeed and other online tools to automate your tasks and save time. Equipping yourself with the right email technology and social media tools can minimize distractions and increase your productivity.

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