How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

"How Often Should You Update Your Blog?"I have no doubt at all that you will some of the so called guru’s come out with products over the months ahead which promise to show you how it is possible to achieve superb search engine rankings but only updating your blog once every blue moon. If you want your internet marketing business to succeed over the long run I would strongly advise you to completely ignore anything which tries to tell you anything like this.

I am telling you here and now that you will have to update your blog at least three or four times every week, in fact I would go as far as to say that I would advise you to add a new blog post every day. I know only to well that this is the last thing that many people want to hear but I am sorry, it just has to be done.

If you are already a successful internet marketer you will more than likely be able to outsource this task but for anyone else it is just a matter of rolling your sleeves up and getting on with it. I can assure you that it will be more than worth it due to the search engine love that Google will give you and once you get into the swing of things it will become like second nature.

Even though I outsource a lot of my writing needs, I still maintain a couple of my own blogs and I have to say that I am not a great lover of writing. What I do though is spend one hour per day, first thing in the morning and it is then out of the way and I have to say that when the task is completed you don’t half feel good about yourself and are then in the correct mind set to push on with other things throughout the day.

The great thing is as well, after about 30 days or so of adding content to your blog on a regular basis you will be amazed by how much content you have in place, Google, as well as the visitors to your website will regard yours as an authority site and that means your search engine ranking will be most pleasing, and that is putting it mildly! So, don’t look on this writing as an extra chore, embrace the fact that you have an opportunity to really make a success of your blog or blogs.

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