How NOT To Ask For A Joint Venture

"JV Tips"I remember when I first heard the words “Joint Venture” it must have been in 2004 and sounded like something amazing!

You had the product or the list and you worked in partnership with someone that had the other. You would share the profits 50/50 and it was the opportunity for both parties to earn a good lump sum for very little work.

It’s like the Ferrari’s on sales pages and it can be a very real dream when you get it right. Back then in 2004 and 2005 I must have done five hundred of them if not more. Mainly from members of the Warrior Forum that had a list of subscribers before I had the chance to build up my own :)

It would work well and I never banked less than four figures from them and it was great fun and an experience to work with others. However once I had built a list I had no interest in them, after all why would I split the income when I could get the same level of traffic on my own.

The last joint venture I did must have been in late 2005 and I haven’t done a single one since. The closest I get to joint ventures is affiliating other products that I personally use in my businesses to my subscribers.

I feel like joint ventures have now been over used and they don’t carry the same level of momentum that they once did. Just like with list building back then not that many people were actually doing it.

Roll on eight years and you would be amazed as a list owner how many daily requests I get for joint ventures and in that time I have never had ONE email that made me even want to consider it.

Why would someone that if they did take on a joint venture even bother replying to a message like this:"JV Email"

I have blacked out their website address after all they don’t deserve free publicity from something so poor quality as what you see above. It is about the norm for joint venture requests that I get and on average I will get 20 like this a day and they always make me chuckle. I wonder if anyone ever takes them up on their offer!

But first these are the bits that drive me crazy about it.

First Impressions Count

As someone trying to sell me something via email they have about 1.5 seconds at the most. That’s not because I offer bad customer service but because including the annoying SEO services emails I will have about 50 of these to deal with per day. I don’t outsource my customer support and have other more pressing things to deal with.

Here is why this email ended up in my trash bin:

No Hello? That’s hardly very polite is it? I know we live in an online world but I would never dream of sending an email (not even to family) without starting with a hello or a hi followed by the persons name.

Generic Rubbish – I can’t believe people send out this generic rubbish and actually expect me to take them seriously. They have not even read my website for long enough to grab my name or even mention my website address.

Sales uncertainly – It is really annoying when people don’t even believe in their own product. With words like “believe” and this coming from a business coach is very annoying in an email.

Then a quick link to their affiliate page. I just can’t understand why anyone would take it seriously because I certainly don’t.

And this is why I don’t accept joint venture because the people offering them don’t offer me anything of value and can’t even be bothered to find out what my name is. Yet I bet after blogging about this I will get 100 requests from people that do the exact same thing and tell me they are different :)

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