How Moving Onto Thesis Tripled My SEO Results In Two Weeks

"Thesis 2.0"It has now been two weeks since the home of DSM Publishing and PLR With Sam (a sub section) moved from Gabfire Themes and onto Thesis. It has been that short a time that we have not had the chance to move the Internet Marketing With Sam section yet (we are doing it at the moment) and moved the members area this week.

Well anyway as someone that constantly checks on statistics and is always making sure traffic is working out has been amazed by the jump in traffic. I can honestly say now that the previous theme was holding us back.

We have been so busy (like many internet marketers are with the run up to Christmas) therefore we have hardly worked on our SEO recently so these results are based on just one website change:

Moving onto the Thesis theme

What gets me about the Thesis theme is how easy and simple it is to use. I have worked with many clients on different WordPress themes and the shock has always been how many Plugins that they have running on their blog and how much it has slowed down their website.

However with Thesis you need very little Plugins and the result is a faster more responsive blog.

Thesis can be hard work if you have not used it before. But with the skins that we had on offer to ourselves it was a very easy move.

I am also very particular with my blogs and finding the right skin to go with it has been a very interesting search.

Fantastic SEO at my fingertips

The SEO that has been generated from Thesis has been amazing. Especially for product sales pages. Traffic that I would never have considered doing before. I have always worked on my search engine optimisation but through Thesis I have found excellent new traffic and SEO results for keywords I wasn’t even targeting.

Keywords that had been found from blog posts, product sales pages and even Squeeze Pages. It has not been huge amounts but over the different phrases I have actually tripled my traffic like for like on the fortnight before.

A blog post I recently read

I recently read a blog post on a niche blog where they were talking about their traffic. It was a rather old post (about 12 months old) and they had moved off Thesis and onto Genesis because their designer preferred it. And the result ended with a 70% drop in SEO traffic in one month.

From leaving one framework to join another.

It was the only change they made and it made serious food for thought how a theme could result in such a drop. Or with Thesis such a jump!

One thing is for sure I am now a Thesis addict and I won’t be going anywhere. If you would like to read my Thesis Review in full detail then click here.

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