How Many Keywords Should You Target?

"How many keywords should you target?"When it comes to your online marketing campaign, a question that is often asked is how many keywords should you target to get the most out of your marketing efforts. You will hear many different opinions of what is the best way to go, but it would be fair to say that the approach of targeting just one keyword or phrase is not really a very good idea.

It maybe that the keyword that you choose is a good one but there is nothing worse than putting all of your eggs in one basket because if it does not work out in the way that you may have hoped it is easy to become disillusioned.

When thinking how many keywords should you target the ideal number is probably six. By choosing this many keywords or phrases it is possible to spread you campaigns out a little and you stand a far better chance of success overall. If one of the campaigns is not successful you will always have the others to fall back on.

When you are planning a marketing campaign it is important that you are always testing what works best. It is no use at all to just take the attitude of just setting it up and forgetting it. Admittedly, if everything is going well there is not a lot of extra work that you need to do apart from searching for other keywords and phrases, but just imagine if you just set up a campaign and left it, if certain keywords were not effective you could quite easily be losing money without even realising it.

If a keyword is not showing the kind of results that had been expected simply replace it with another but at least give it a short period of time to prove itself. It could be that it is not getting good results because of the time of day or all manner of other reasons so it is just a matter of giving it some time, but not to much.

So, to answer the question, how many keywords should you target?, six is the best number so that you can spread out your campaigns but have some keywords on standby to use should any of those initial six not work out in the way that you hoped. After a while, keyword research becomes second nature and finding them is something that will not take long at all.

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