How Long is the Long Tail Keyword

"How Long is the Long Tail Keyword"In one of my recent posts, I discussed the long tail keyword, providing you with an introduction to what a long tail keyword is. Just in case you missed that post, allow me to offer you a basic definition of a long tail keyword. In short, a long tail keyword is a keyword, or rather a phrase, that contains at least three words, and can even contain as many as five words.

So, how long is the long tail keyword? In other words, how do you know if it is the right length for your needs? Well, the answer to this question is a bit difficult. The length of your long tail keyword depends on what it is that you want to target.

Let’s say that you are selling red long sleeved t-shirts and you want to promote them so that people will be lead to your website. While a keyword like ‘red t-shirt’ may bring your website up when people do a search, your website may be far down in the search results. If, however, you choose the long tail keyword ‘long sleeved red t-shirts,’ your website will return higher in the search results. You see, people who are looking for a red long sleeved t-shirt will type this phrase into a search engine. People who want this type of product will be specifically looking for it. And that is the entire point of a long tail keyword; to drive a specific audience to your product.

However, on another note, you don’t want your long tail keyword to be too long. Long tail keywords that are too long are awkward. People only tend to type in a few words when they are searching for something – typically no more than five words – this is why long tail keyword should not be longer than five words. Making it any longer than this will just make the content that contains the keyword difficult to create and odd.

Long tail keywords are fantastic for targeting a specific audience that is looking for the specific items or services that you are offering. Using these keywords will drive more quality traffic to your website, which equals higher conversions for you; and higher conversions translate to more cash in your pocket. Just make sure that, when you are using long tail keywords, that you are not using a phrase that is too long, as it will be awkward and may not do anything for the success of your business.

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