How Important Is The Age Of A Domain Name In Search Engine Optimisation?

"How Important Is The Age Of A Domain Name In Search Engine Optimisation?"There has always been debate within internet marketing circles regarding how important is the age of a domain name in search engine optimisation? Some people argue that age doesn’t mean anything and they prove this by registering a new domain name and getting it ranked in the search engines within a very short space of times whist other people say that buying an aged domain is something that you just have to do to get the most out of search engine optimisation.

Everyone has their own opinions but when it comes down to it and the statistics are studied, using an aged domain is definitely a plus point as far as search engine optimisation goes. Whether it will stay like that is anyone’s guess, after all, Google seems to be a law unto itself these days but if you can get hold of an aged domain you will find that your website will rank highly over a far shorter space of time than it would do otherwise.

There are lots of reasons why this may be the case but it could be that Google consider an aged domain name being the mark of a business who is in it for the long term as opposed to someone who is just a fly buy night and who is throwing up a website in order to make a quick buck. To further cement this theory, it was all the rage not so long ago for internet marketers to use software that would create a spammy website in a matter of minutes and as .info domain names were so cheap, they were used for the domain name to these websites. To this day it is thought that .info names are not as good for search engine optimisation purposes because of what happened in the past and it seems obvious that Google put a lot of emphasis on all aspects of domain names.

So, how important is the age of a domain name in search engine optimisation is definitely open to argument and it is basically up to you which opinion you go with. One thing is for sure though and that is that an aged domain won’t do your search engine optimisation any harm and it could be that using one will make all of the difference to your search engine rankings but it is up to you to find out for yourself.

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