Hotel Offers Free Rooms To Instagram Users

"instagram hotel"The hotel is being dubbed the first Instagram hotel in the world bu the 1888 hotel in Sydney is using the popularity of Instagram to encourage guests through the doors of the unique hotel.

The hotel, with its innovative design and decor, has been called the most Instagramable hotel in the world making it the worlds first Instagram hotel in the media.

The 1888 hotel in Australia has only been open for three months but already it is making waves on social media forums with hundreds of photos of the hotel appearing on Instagram.

Now the owners of the hotel have taken the unusual step of trying to encourage more Instagram fans to the hotel with the promise of a free room for anyone holding an Instagram account with more than 10,000.

To be able to claim the prize of a free room all anyone has to do is follow the feed of 8Hotels Collection, book a room and then show up with your phone to prove that the Instagram account is yours.

According to a report by International Business Times the latest promotion from the hotel is just part of a wider marketing project at the hotel.

Paul Fischmann, the CEO of 8Hotels said: “We sat down in the early days, knowing that we’d have an interesting hotel and wanted to find a way for our guests to engage on their social networks and we figured that imagery would be the way to do it.

“We wanted to encourage guests that were already in house to talk about their experiences on their social networks and we thought, “why don’t we just create a bit of an Instagram idea”.

The hotel has seen such a surge in popularity thanks to the Instagram promotion the hotel intend to continue the promotion of offering free nights stays for the rest of 2014.

By using social media in an innovative way the hotel has drawn on its strength of being very aesthetically pleasing to push itself on social media through fans.

The promotion of offering free nights to Instagram users has been incredible with there being at least 5 Instagram superstars staying for free in the hotel each night at the moment claims the management.  And of course each of these guests is taking plenty of photos and sharing them with their many, many followers to further increase the promotion of the hotel across the world.

The 1888 hotel may be the first Instagram hotel in the world but with such a successful campaign, it is certainly not going to be the last.

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