Hosting Your Entire Site On A Blog

"Hosting Your Entire Site On A Blog"While recently visiting the forums, I notice that there has been a lot of talk lately about hosting an entire site on a blog. Some people are for it, and others are against it. Since this is such a topic of debate lately, I wanted to add my two cents on the matter and let you know what I think about hosting your entire site on a blog.

In my honest opinion, I think that putting your entire site up on a blog is a wise decision. Take a look at the brand new DSM Publishing website. This entire website is run from the WordPress platform; and the decision to do this has been a completely wise one.

You see, with blogging platforms, like WordPress, you will find all that you could ever need for your website. Not only will you be able to create a blog to promote your website, but you will also be able to add plenty of plugins, graphics, etc, in order to make a truly attractive and appealing website. From this one platform then, you can be running your website and the blog that is associated with it. This makes for a wise decision, not only in regards to time, but also in regards to saving you money and aggravation; and who doesn’t want to save time, money and aggravation.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I think that you should also always have another back up plan in place, in the event that your website isn’t fully supported by the blogging platform of your choice. For example, you may find that the blogging platform doesn’t offer the right plugins that you need for your site and so forth; which could actually lead to a decline in the success rate of your website. In order to avoid having this happen, I would first completely look into the blogging platform that you are considering hosting your website from. It’s a funny thing, research; it turns out that you never, ever know what you will find.

So, in summary, I think that hosting your entire website form a blogging platform can be a very wise decision for your business. Not only will it help to save you time, money and aggravation, but it can also help you really boost the success of your business. However, before you make the leap to running your entire website from a blog, I highly recommend that you take the time to do a bit of research first, in order to avoid any pitfalls that you may have been able to see beforehand.

avatar DSM Publishing is owned and operated by husband and wife team . They are also the founder and editor of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course and several other publications. Learn more about them here and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook also on Google+

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