Hostgator Review: My Story Of 4 Years Using Hostgator

"Hostgator Review"Hostgator Review: My story of 4 years using Hostgator is exactly what it says on the tin. And this is my Hostgator Review from several years as one of their customers. I have had my ups and downs and I suggest you read it in full to see what it is really like as a Hostgator customer.

I used them briefly many years ago when they first got their big reputation and then went away from hosting and came back as a regular customer signing up again for my first internet marketing blog in late 2008.

What originally attracted me to them was the ease of use. I loved how simple their control panel was, the fact that every blogging tutorial featured screenshots of them, they were very cheap and best of all your site wouldn’t go down at the slightest opportunity.

As I recall from memory before this I was a customer at Fast Hosts and that was a very bad experience. You would have constant down time during your launches which is seriously not good for business and they cost a small fortune.

At the time I paid Fast Host about 10 pounds for each domain I had and with me having about 12 sites it was a very costly monthly bill. However when I moved to Hostgator you could have up to 100 different domain names on the baby package and pay just one monthly fee which was $0.01 for the first month with a coupon code and then $9.95 a month. This was obviously a much better deal.

And at the end of this blog post you can access this coupon code to use yourself!

Hostgator Review and a few interesting facts

Well anyway I loved it when I joined Hostgator and found it so easy to use. I was one of those terrible customers that were not born with any sort of technical skill whatsoever. So I was very pleased to have such a great live chat function and I am sure after my first month with them they were sick to death of me.

Over the years though my business has got bigger and bigger and even though I have the least sites I have ever had the size of each of them is massive. As a result I soon realised that I was using up too much memory for the basic baby package on Hostgator. So I analysed my Hostgator account on what I had and looked at alternatives.

I then decided to increase my amount of packages to three baby packages instead of one. Giving me a monthly cost of $29.85 and I was so pleased that Hostgator transferred all the sites for free and spent the next six months in this situation.

Then another year later which brought me to the summer of 2012 I was on holiday at Disney World and my Hostgator account was suspended. It was one of those holidays when everything went wrong so this was no surprise! It was back up again within 12 hours and they were very good at dealing with it. But my sites were doing so well the traffic had tripled and now the baby package was eating away at other people’s hosting and making the server run slow.

As a result we needed to move onto a VPS (virtual private server) and we upgraded and afterwards couldn’t believe how quickly my site ran afterwards and even though I have added a lot more traffic and content to my websites since they have not slowed down at all.

I now have a level 5 VPS system and even though it is quite expensive during a launch I do not have to worry that my site has gone down and it looks so good to be able to say that you have your own nameservers.

I have noticed many big name sites go down recently all of them with huge traffic levels that have been hosted on Hostgator and at the time I checked on them and they were on the baby package. Then they complain to Hostgator and leave bad Hostgator reviews when they are paying on the cheap for very small hosting and with the amount of money they are making it is just so wrong that they don’t choose a package that is right for them.

Many of you will message me and ask me off the back of this Hostgator review whether or not they need a VPS to start with and the answer is no. It takes a while for your site to build up enough traffic and content to need one. So I would always suggest that you start at the bottom and work your way up. There is no point paying for something until you need it!

So there you have it – four years at Hostgator and still a very happy customer and I am sure I will be for many years to come.

Hostgator Review Coupon Code

Thanks for reading my Hostgator review and if you would like to pay just $0.01 for your first month of hosting then during sign up please quote coupon name dsmpublishing.

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"Hostgator Review"

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    Gail Trahd March 7, 2013, 4:11 pm

    Hi Samantha! I have had phenomenal experience with Hostgator over the last 6 years also. In fact, last month I accidentally deleted the database to one of my memberships (PLEASE don’t ask how – dumb mistake and I should’ve known better!) and they had me back up and running inside of 20 minutes. Database restored, stayed on the phone with me while my mouth went dry and my hands were shaking. I can laugh about it now – but at the time it was nerve wracking. Can’t say enough good things about their hosting and support!


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