Hootsuite Review: The Smart Way to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

"hootsuite"I have been using Hootsuite for a year now (yes I know I was a late starter) and thought I would finally share my experience with using the software!

First of all this time last year I was managing about 50 social media channels – mainly made up of Twitter and Facebook and it was getting silly having to constantly go from one page to another whenever I was doing some work for a client or for myself.

So I looked at the different options and Hootsuite came out as the front runner. I kept my Socialoomph account for a little bit longer and I must admit I was soon very impressed with Hootsuite and this is why….

Why Hootsuite?

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Do you have multiple social media accounts for personal and business use? How many hours do you spend sharing daily updates on each platform?

Hootsuite could make your life easier. This social media management system is being used by millions of people worldwide, from bloggers to large corporations.

With this innovative tool, you can save time and become more productive by managing all of your social networks in one place.

Users have access to powerful analytics tools and customisable reports for tracking their campaigns.

How Does Hootsuite Work?

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This social media management tool allows users to share updates on multiple social networks at once. They can also monitor what people are saying about their brand, leave comments on social media sites, and schedule messages. Over eight million individuals and businesses use Hootsuite for social media management. With this powerful tool, you can manage your social presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare, Google +, Mixi and other online platforms.

Hootsuite Membership Options

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Hootsuite offers three membership levels: free, pro, and enterprise. The free membership plan allows you to manage up to five social profiles. The Pro plan is ideal for businesses and professionals. Users can manage up to 50 social media accounts and have access to advanced features such as message archiving, custom URLs, app integrations, and enhanced security.

The Enterprise plan is designed for corporations and governments. It includes unlimited social profiles, advanced analytics reports, compliance integrations, geo-targeting, and custom invoicing. Paid members have access to the Hootsuite University. If you run an online business, the Pro plan is a great choice.


"hootsuite features"

Hootsuite offers lots of features that will save you time and money. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to monitor your social media campaign, schedule daily postings, and share photos via a simple shortened link. Hootsuite Search streams enable users to set a search that will pull up all tweets containing their targeted keywords. Members can choose from four URL shorteners and watch their feeds through one of the Hootsuite mobile apps.

If you have a team that manages your social media accounts, Hootsuite will increase your productivity. Teams can share and discuss posts internally using the built-in conversations tools. You can organize your team members and send them direct messages via Hootsuite.

Thanks to the built-in analytics, you can track the results of your campaign and receive weekly performance reports by email. If you’re active on all of the major networks, you might want to give Hootsuite a try.


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