Has Twitter Found A Way To Make Money?

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According to itproportal.com a detailed document stating information about the future of Twitter with a new business partner have been leaked and show that the company could soon be harnessing the power of its more than 200 million users in the very near future.

It is being reported that very soon twitter users could be able to buy goods directly from the Twitter site if a reported future partnership between Twitter and the US based commerce provider Fancy are finalised.

The basic principle of the link up between the two companies is that twitter uses would be able to buy products directly through Fancy by simply using a Tweet to do so.

Those behind Twitter will be hoping that any future link ups will prove profitable with this possible Twitter Commerce product being a way to fund the expensive running of the Twitter service which has so far failed to raise enough revenue through adverts alone.

While the number of Twitter uses continues to rise the revenues for the company have failed to do so with reports of the company losing millions in paying for the running of the service.

Most people are agreement that Twitter has the potential to have huge earnings thanks to its massive user base across the globe but so far there has been no solution as to how to make these numbers work in their favour with real returns and revenue.

For sometime people have been on the look out for ecommerce developments within Twitter with much coming following the appointment of the former chief executive of Ticketmaster Nathan Hubbard last October just before the initial public offering of the company.

The source of this most recent rumour about Twitter stems from Recode who published a proposal that they came across which reports to allow an easier purchase of products which would supposedly include a “Buy with Fancy” button that would pop up beside tweets that feature an image of the product in question.

Recode added that they believe the new function will also include the option for people to be able to discover other similar products that are available to buy through twitter and that the service could potentially offer a same day delivery service in some areas.

Whether or not this new scheme comes into fruition is one thing, another will be if it would actually prove to be successful or f it will become another feature similar to the Facebook Gifts idea which failed to really get off the ground and ended up being scraped after less than a year.


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