Happy Christmas From DSM Publishing

"Passive Income Streams"A big Happy Christmas from DSM Publishing in Portugal. I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Christmas and that your passive income streams are doing the work for you today :)

I finished work for Christmas last Friday morning and I hope you don’t mind when I say that I scheduled this in advance!

Christmas Day always gets me thinking about the passive income side of internet marketing. The way that you can be earning while you are opening presents, that the money pays for the Christmas presents without having to worry about money.

Though it has not always been like this for us…we have had many Christmases funded on the credit card and it feels so good to be actually enjoying Christmas without panic or worry.

This is also another reason why I plan my income streams in advance so that I know future Christmases and birthdays and holidays are all taken care of. Not to mention household bills!

I have got lots of new income streams and traffic strategies that I plan to share with you in early 2014. I won’t bother you with them now, because today is about having a great day off. But stay toned for the gossip over the next few weeks…..

Some of you will be celebrating it from a religious point of view, where as others will us it to their advantage to eat lots of food.

So whatever you are doing today – get stuck in and have a fantastic day with all your family and friends.

See you in the New Year and have a fantastic Christmas.

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