Google Working With Samsung On New Nexus Tablet

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Google is now reported to be working on a new Nexus tablet with their technology partners Samsung.

According to reports the new tablet from Google and Samsung will be 10 inches in size and will have a great screen resolution than the current iPad.

Richard Shim from DisplaySearch told the technology site CNET that the new Nexus is “going to be a high end device” and that it will have a screen resolution greater than the current retina display found on the Apple iPads.

He added that his information about the new Nexus tablet had been obtained through “supply chain indications” and that he believed that the new Nexus would have a 2,560 by 1,600 pixel display resulting in about 299 pixels per inch compared to the 264 pixels per inch offered by the new iPad.

The first Nexus tablet from Google was made by Asus and was released to the public earlier in 2012 but the new tablet will be made by Samsung.

This is not the first time that Google and Samsung have worked together on a project as they have previously developed Android smartphones while the Galaxy Nexus was made in collaboration between the two huge companies.

Google have created the Nexus products to allow consumers to be able to enjoy a “pure Android” experience and the operating system of the Android means that other companies are able to use an interface on top of the existing one.

Another reason for Google to couple  up with manufacturers is to push forward the latest Android technology available for smartphones and tablets.

Apple are thought to be announcing a new smaller iPad next week which would place it in direct competition with the new Nexus.

Meanwhile, another new development from Google has seen details leaked onto the internet.

The new Google Nexus phone has been shown on the internet to have been manufactured by LG and is being referred to as the LG-E960 smartphone.

Images of the new phone have been posted all over the internet and they clearly show both the Google and LG logos on the handset of the new device.

First looks of the new phone show that it looks very similar to the present Galaxy Nexus with only minor aesthetic differences.

Many of the new photos have come from Android Central and sourced by XDA Developers Forum.

No details about the new Galaxy Nexus phone have been divulged by Google or LG but it is rumoured that the smartphone will only have 8GB of internal storage which has come as a disappointment to many Android fans.


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