Google Vs The Rest Of The Internet World

"Google Vs The Rest Of The Internet World"As you probably know, I’ve been involved in the world of internet marketing for a very long time and have seen it all but one thing that really does sit very uneasily with me is the power of Google and how so many internet marketers put all of their eggs in one basket.

There is no doubt about it, Google is powerful and most people would agree that it is getting more powerful with every passing day. They are on a mission to keep on improving the service that they offer to their users but I have seen so many people who have seen their business income cut down to virtually zero after one of Googles many updates.

Now I don’t have a problem with that if the business is trying to scam people or not offering any use to them but google does make mistakes and of someone has all of their eggs in one basket and they fall foul of one of Googles updates it could cause them an awful lot of problems.

Now I am not singling Google out here, I feel the same about people who are earning all of their income from Kindle, or Ebay, the thing is if anything happened to their accounts there it would cause them big trouble.

That is why, rather than just using Google to provide an online income I would highly recommend that you have more strings to your bow, perhaps have your own product which you can sell without any interaction from Google, you could explore the massive opportunity that Kindle offers, or offline marketing, do you see what I am trying to get at here?

Google should be an essential part of your internet marketing business but if you have a number of revenue streams you will find that if something happens to one of them, even though it will be a big disappointment it won’t mean the end of your business and you will still have a business that can be built on and improved.

So, spread your business around a little and don’t get to carried away when one of these income streams starts to take off, keep up with the others and you will find that when the next Google update comes around you won’t be left tossing and turning in your bed because you will basically have it covered.

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