Google Venture In To Home Delivery Business

"google home delivery"Could it be that Google are now looking to take on the internet shopping giants of Amazon and eBay, well if their new home delivery service proves to be successful it looks like Google will be giving the online shopping giants a run for their money.

A new trial by Google has seen the company offering a same day delivery service for clients up and down Silicon Valley in the US for online shoppers.

The new scheme by Google has been called “Shopping Express” and the service allows customers to buy any items from national retailers including Walgreens, Staples and Target in America with these items then being delivered direct to the door of the customer from San Francisco down to San Mateo and San José.

Tom Fallows, the product management direct for Google Shopping Express said^: “We’re still working out our long term pricing plan but early testers will get six months of free, unlimited same day delivery.  The pilot will expand as we work out the kinks.”

What Google are attempting to do could revolutionise the online shopping industry.  Amazon already offer a fast service of delivery as do eBay but either offer same day delivery options making Google the fastest choice for anyone wanting to order items online and have them delivered to their home.

This is not the first time that a company has tried to offer same day delivery options.  During the dot com boom several companies were set up offering same day delivery with Webvan for the West Coast and Kozmo and Urbanfetch for New York.  however all of these companies failed to make their businesses become financially viable and all have since disappeared without a trace.

Critics are unsure if Google will actually be able to pull off the same day delivery service and also be able to make any money out of it.  At the moment Amazon and eBay have already managed to build up their own national networks for deliveries and if Google are intending to beat them at their own game then they will have to invest a considerable amount into getting the service up and running across the US.

It is being muted that the Shopping Express from Google could be a way for the company to try and get involved in the online shopping industry in some way because at the moment a client using Amazon does not need Google for any part of their transaction.

Whatever the hopes of Google with their home delivery service critics will be watching closely to see if Google will actually be able to pull off what nobody else has manged to do yet – to make money from same day deliveries.


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