Google Top Searches of 2012

"top 10 google searches 2012"Google have released their top searches of 2012 showing what the world was searching for throughout the year and what the most popular subjects were.

Bing, Yahoo and Ask have already released what their top searched were for 2012 but the world’s largest search engine, Google, have only now divulged their statistics into what was hot and what was not during 2012.

According to Google there were more than 1.3 trillion searches covering 146 languages across the globe this year through Google with some of the top subjects being PSY’s Gangnam Style and the HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

During 2012 according to Google the worlds top trending searches were varied but at number one was Whitney Houston who tragically died this year and began an internet search sensation because of this.

Following closely on the heals of searches for Whitney Houston came Gangnam Style in second place followed by Hurricane Sandy in third and then iPad 3 in fourth place and Diablo 3 in fifth.

Other top trending topics included Kate Middleton, the 2012 Olympics, Amanda Todd, Michael Clarke Duncan and BBB12 in the top ten.

When it came to looking at the top trending consumer gadgets then it was the iPad 3 that topped the Google list for 2012 followed closely by the Samsung Galaxy SIII then the iPad mini.

Also in the top ten for consumer technology features Nexus 7, Galaxy note 2, Playstation, iPad 4, Microsoft Surface, Kindle Fire and Nokia Lumia 920.

When it came down to names of celebrities rending most on Google it is no surprise to find Whitney Houston at the top of the list but she was followed by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in second place and then by Amanda Todd in third place.

Other celebrities in the top ten included the British pop sensation One Direction, Felix Baumgartner, Jeremy Lin, Morgan Freeman and Donna Summer.

While the searches on Google give an indication about what people were most interested about during 2’012 the top hash tags show what people were talking about on social media sites.

During 2012 the top hash tag used was #SOPA this was followed in second place by#Awesome and #Sandy in third.

The other hash tags making the top ten included #IO12, #curiosity, #Olympics and #Debate.

BY looking at what was most popular on Google over the year we are able to get a very good insight into the issues and events that were most important to people over the year and data such as this can be used in the future to shape news and information given out to people across traditional forms of media as well as through social media and on the internet.



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