Google Told To Revise Privacy Policy

"privacy policy google"Watchdogs in the EU have told Google that they need to revise their privacy policies.

The company has been told that they need to make information about what data the company has been collecting clearer and to also reveal why they have been collecting this data.

The request has come since Google consolidated 60 privacy policies in March into a single agreement which allowed the company to put together all the data they collect from various sites across the internet.

CNIL, the French data privacy regulator said that Google had had months to make changes and now if Google does not take any action about the privacy on the sites the CNIL will “enter a phase of litigation” against Google.

According to the BBC Google have requested more time to be able to provide a detailed response to the requests by the CNIL.

Peter Fleishcher from Google said: “We have received the report and are reviewing it now.

“Our new privacy policy demonstrates our long standing commitment to protecting our users information and creating great products.  We are confident that our privacy notices respect European law.”

The French CNIL has carried out the investigation into Google on behalf of the 27 member states of the European union.  Greece, Lithuania and Romania have not signed up to read the findings of the report but Croatia and Lichtenstein (non EU countries) have signed up to see the results.

CNIL have looked at the privacy policies from Google and have accused the company of providing “incomplete and approximate” details of the policy which has raised “deep concerns about data protection and the respect of the European law”.

The investigators have said that they have been unhappy about the fact that users of Google products including YouTube, were unable to determine exactly what kinds of data were being processed by Google and then what that data was going to be used for by the company.

CNIL have proposed the following changes for Google including the fact that Google must “reinforce users consent”, it should also offer an opt out tool for users who do not want Google to gather their data and that Google should limit the data that is it allowed to use.

In the UK the privacy campaign group Big Brother have been pleased with the intervention from CINL.

Nick Pickles from Big Brother told the BCC: “It is absolutely right that European regulators focus on ensuring people know what data is being collected and how it is being used.

“Unless people are aware just how much of their behaviour is being monitored and recorded it is impossible to make an informed choice about using services.”

He added: “This ruling is an important step to putting consumers in control of their personal information and ensuring companies like Google are not able to easily disregard people’s privacy in pursuit of more information and greater profits.”


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