Google To Move Chrome Into Touchscreens

"google chrome operating system"A new Google Chrome operating system designed for touchscreen machines is set to be revealed at an event today in San Francisco.

According to media reports Google are ready to show the world the Google Chrome operating system that has been specifically designed to be used on touchscreen machines including tablets.

The release of the new Chrome system is well timed by Google who will be bringing it onto the market just four months after Microsoft released the Windows 8 operating system.

The reports about the new Chrome system were first reported in the Wall Street Journal, however Google are still yet to comment on the rumours.

Google have already developed special laptops using a Chrome operating system known as Chromebooks.  The Chromebooks are able to run internet applications but are generally a stripped down version of a laptop.

The Chromebooks have proved to be popular since their release in 2011 and they have already been updated and upgraded by Google to make them more user friendly.

Sales of Chromebooks in the US have so far been strong and it is thought that their market share will increase in the future as people look for basic laptops, especially for children and the elderly.

It is thought that the success of the Chromebook has been partially due to the tepid reception from the public to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft has not seen a huge boost in sales since it launched Windows 8 which is a worry for the company who base the core revenue of their business in selling operating systems.

The move of Google into the software and operating systems market is a direct threat to the success of Microsoft who have in the past dominated this sector of the tech industry.

With Google now moving the Chrome operating system into the touchscreen market the potential for the company to become a major player in operating systems is huge although critics have pointed out that the Chrome touch screen operating system will overlap with the Google Android operating system used on many smartphones with touchscreens.

It is thought that Google will run both the operating systems and will wait to see where the overlaps are and then will develop each product to then move away in its own direction to suit the purpose.

It looks like the future of operating systems is now in question and if Microsoft are to remain strong in the industry.


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