Google Tablet Launch Delayed By Hurricane Sandy

"google tablet launch"It is said that nothing can halt progress but it seems that hurricane Sandy will be slowing the release of the new Google tablet.

Google have been forced to delay the launch of their highly anticipated new tablet, the new Nexus 10, because the launch party was to take place today in New York, where hurricane Sandy is expected to hit.

The latest release by Google of the Nexus 10 is set to give the hugely popular Apple iPad a run for its money but anyone wanting to see what exactly Google have come up with will have to wait a little longer, at least until the hurricane passes.

A new launch date for the Nexus 10 tablet is yet to be set by Google but it is said to be scheduled “as soon as we know more”.

So far very few details about the Nexus 10 have been leaked or revealed by Google leaving industry experts eager to see the official launch of the product.

There have been a few leaked photos of the product which would suggest that the new tablet has a high resolution screen and a five mega pixel camera but little else is known about the product that will be running on the latest Google Android operating system.

It is rumoured that the tablets could go on sale for less than £200 making them more accessible for many people than the Apple iPad option.

While Google are ready to show the world their latest product in the tablet market both Microsoft and Apple have also shown their latest products in time for the Christmas rush.

The new Apple product is the iPad mini which has been specifically made to rival the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon.

The iPad mini is not only smaller but cheaper to buy and those at Apple hope that they will be able to corner this part of the tablet market with the ipad mini.

But there are worries about the iPad mini, mainly because of its price which at between £269 and £429 is far more expensive than the other budget tablets at at least £100 more than the new Nexus and the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also launched their own new product in the form of Surface.

The Surface from Microsoft has been described by the company as being “absolutely critical” because of the growing importance of the tablet in the electronics market.

The Microsoft tablet runs using the latest version of Windows 8, software which has for the first time been designed to be run on smartphones and on tablets and not just on PCs and laptops.

Bill Gates said he saw the Microsoft tablet as being a “big step” for the company which has been criticised in the past for not embracing all the new developments in technology.




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