Google Shares reach $900

"google share prices"Google have seen the value of their shares break the $900 barrier for the first time making the internet giants worth a staggering $300 billion.

The milestone came today when the company saw a two percent rise in the value of their shares pushing the total value to $906.

The huge share price was just another indication of how well Google are currently doing around the globe despite legal action and problems in Europe.

Google has seen its value rise by around 60 percent in the last 10 months alone with this latest vote in confidence by the market reflecting investors pleasure at how well Google is working in moving into advertising onto mobile devise – a key area for revenue not just at the moment but also for the future of the company as a whole.

Investors had previously feared that Facebook could potentially steal away advertisers to their social media platform on mobile devise but as yet the social media giants have failed to convert successfully to mobile devices and the share prices are reflecting this.

Things are looking good for Google with the company continuing to dominate in the world of search engines while also expanding influence in other key areas such as video and display advertising.

While Google have been on the up over the past year the fortunes for the other big technology companies have not been so positive, especially for Facebook and also for Apple.

Although Facebook have managed to claw back some losses the company still remains around 30 percent lower than when it launched its initial public offering a year ago.

It is not good new either at the moment for Apple who have seen share prices fall from their high last September by a massive 38 percent  as investors worry about the future of the company and future innovations since the passing of Steve jobs.

Colin Gills, a tech analyst with BGC Partners told the Financial Times: “Google has incredible human capital, with some of the best code writers in the industry, which is important because revenues from their core business of owned sites is slowing.”

He added: “We want to see how the company will innovate in the hardware business after their purchase of Motorola, in the wearable computing space and in content.”

Google are now becoming renowned not only for their search engine but also for their technology as a whole with the new Google Glass being a ground breaking piece of equipment while struggling Apple have failed to keep up with Google even as they launched their new tablet to rival the iPad Mini.

If Facebook and Apple are wanting to keep up then they should be looking at what Google are doing at the moment because it seems that the people with the money have placed their bets firmly with Google right now.

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