Google Shares Heading For The $1000 Barrier

"google shares"Google is known for being one of the technology giants in the world but the company is set to reach new heights with the stocks for the company ready to break the $1,000 barrier.

Stocks for the company have been rising recently with the price reaching an all time high on Friday of $831.52.

Anyone who bought shares in Google back in 2004 will be rubbing their hands together because back then the shares were worth only $85 and now being worth nearly ten times more.

While Google have seen their shares rise by a massive 17% in 2013 alone while their arch rival Apple are not having such a positive time with their shares now being down and reaching a yearly low of $431 – down 40% from the highs the company experienced in September 2012.

The continued success of Google has come from the success of Google in the mobile market with Android devices gaining in popularity at the expense of the IOS operating systems run by Apple.

Google offer Android service for free but they are able to gain important revenue by offering Google services to users through the operating system.

It used to be the case that Apple had the monopoly on smartphones and tablets but new and importantly – cheaper, versions are now available for users with the Android operating system and more people are now opting for Android devices because they offer such a huge diversity of options and apps.

beating the $1,000 share price is a symbolic sign for Google and will assert it as the dominant tech company in the world – pushing Apple further down the rankings both economically and in the perception of users around the globe.

Google remains one of the most popular and influential search engines in the world while their video sharing network of YouTube is also a big money spinner for the company.

What is helping to push up share prices for Google is the fact that more than 50 percent of all the revenue from Google comes from outside of the United States and in emerging markets that are set to prove essential to businesses in the future.

Google are now not only strong in software solutions, they are also moving more into hardware of laptops and phones and this could prove crucial for the future development of the company.

The one fly in the ointment for Google could well be Motorola, a company that they bought at a cost of $12.5 billion but is yet to yield any results for Google with 1,200 jobs now being cut.  It is being suggested that Google should cut their losses with the company and close it for good if it continues to carry on in this way.

On the whole the future is looking very bright for Google, even if it is at the expense of Apple.



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