Google Purchases DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Start-Up

"google robotics news"Online giants Google have purchased the UK based company DeepMind, reportedly for a massive $400 million.

DeepMind is a UK based start up company that was founded by a neuroscientist Demis Hassabis with his partners Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman and is a company that specialises in making artificial intelligence machines using algorithms.

The purchase price for the company, the largest made by Google in Europe currently, was reported by Re/code, however Google have yet to confirm just how much they paid for the company.

It may seem strange for Google to look to buy up robotics and artificial intelligence, however it seems that this is an increasing tend for technology companies looking to expand their dominance across the technology spectrum both online and offline.

It has been reported in the media that not only Google, but also Facebook, IBM and Yahoo have been looking at artificial intelligence businesses.

With the online industry becoming saturated with social media and the big few companies it appears that the companies are looking to offline sources to increase possible revenue in the future.

Some of the projects that Google have already been working on include programmes such as developing self driving cars and robots while the company also announced last yea a partnership with NASA to launch a Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab.

The lab is being developed with the aim of using computer science and technology to build super computers to then be able to improve space exploration and aeronautical science.

This is not the first robotics company that Google have bought either, although it could be the most expensive one.  Earlier in the year Google bought the military robot company Boston Dynamics for an undisclosed amount of money.

Some have praised the investment of Google into other forms of technology, with the huge sums of money in question sure to help boost the industry and to encourage research in these areas.  However, others have pointed to the fact that Google are becoming dominant in perhaps too many areas with conspiracy theories now bounding about regarding why Google would want military robots and similar technology at its disposal.

The future of the biggest companies on the internet, including Google, Facebook, eBay and Twitter, is uncertain, but what is certain is that these are some of the only companies in the world who have the funds and resources to be able to support computer science, research and technology.




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