Google Maps return To iPhone

"google maps for apple"Google maps are back on the iPhone and they are now better than ever for Apple users with features previously only available for Android users now available on iPhones.

Apple were at the centre of criticism earlier when they released the new iPhone 5 with their own maps service on the phone.  This Apple map feature was found too have numerous problems and mistakes within it in the search functions so the return of the new improved Google maps for the iPhone is expected to prove to be very popular with users.

The move back on to the iPhone places Google Maps in a very strong position for map apps on smartphones but they still face competition from Nokia who have created their own map service for Nokia users.

All iPhone users who now use Google maps will be treated to new features that had been reserved in the past for Android phones only.

Now iPhone users will be able to use Google map functions including voice activated turn by turn direction which also include travelling times.  Google maps for iPhone will also have indoor images of buildings that are part of the Street View Business Photos service, there will also be 3D images of buildings that can been seen from different angles.

But iPhone users will still not have all the advantages on Google maps that are allowed for Android users.  Android phones have indoor maps and the function to be able to download maps to then be viewed offline.

Kai Hansen told the BBC: “The goal is clearly to make it as unified and consistent an experience as possible.”

For most people they will be pleased that Google maps has returned to the iPhone mainly because of the level of accuracy that the app provides for users.  Currently Google has mapped more than five million miles of roads in 45 countries with this then being supplemented to by users who also help to increase the accuracy of all the maps on Google.

Kai Hansen added: “Google Maps, as much as any other map application, lives from the data we receive.  If a road is closed for the next six months, or a road was opened two days ago – these are things that somebody who lives next to the road immediately noticed, but if you are not in the area it becomes hard to know.

“The more we can give the ability to let us know about things that are changing on the map, the more other users will benefit from that corrected information.”

The new Google Maps app for iPhone will hopefully help iPhone users to be able to navigate their way around the world not only more easily but also more accurately rather than finding themselves in the troubles they had previously experienced using the Apple map app.



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