Google Map Service Reveals Cheating Fiance

"google map break up"A Russian woman has called off her engagement to her fiance after she saw him with another woman while looking at the Russian version of Google maps.

According to the Russian news organisation, Life News, 24 year old Marina Voinova was using the map service which is similar to Google Maps to look at her own house on the map service.

However the Yandex Maps service is unlike Google in as much as it does not blur recognisable faces and Marina was able to see her boyfriend cuddling up to another woman.

When Marina zoomed in on her home in Perm in Western Russia she could clearly see her boyfriend of five years with a mystery woman walking down the street, her boyfriend Sasha can later then be seen kissing the woman.

Marina Voinova has said she was shocked to see the love of her life with another woman and has now since called off their engagement.

She told Life News: “First I noticed a familiar silhouette and I thought “how could someone look so similar to my Sasha?”

“I looked more carefully, zoomed in saw it was indeed him and indeed her.  I realised that he was lying and cheating on me all this time.”

Sasha was easy to recognised by his then girlfriend because at the time he was wearing a sling on his arm following an injury.

After she saw her boyfriend on the site she then confronted him with the evidence and he immediately admitted to the affair.

Marina said: “When Sasha came home, I immediately called him to computer and asked him to find that address in the map,” she said.

“When the image loaded, Sasha’s face changed in colour. I looked in his eyes, waiting for explanations.”

She then added: “At first I regretted searching for that address on internet, but eventually realised that it was silly to blame the Web for my boyfriend’s unfaithfulness.”

The map service have stated that they do not blur any faces on their service but that anyone can request to have their face blurred if it is for “legitimate” reasons.

This is not the first time that a map service has uncovered cheating husbands and partners.  In 2009 a woman began divorce proceedings based on the fact that she had spotted her husbands car parked outside another womans house on a map service run by Google.


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