Google Fail To Implement New System to Try And Stop Child Abuse Images Being Shown Online

"search engine warnings"Google have refused to sign up to a new alert system that would see people being presented with an online warning if they type any term into the search engine that could be linked to images sought after by paedophiles.

The internet giants Google have been accused of not trying to help prevent images of child abuse being found through search engines by paedophiles because they have not signed up to the warning system, however Google claim that they will be using their own methods to try and curb images of child abuse being foung through their search engine.

The alert system has already been adopted by Bing, the search engine run by Microsoft and also by Yahoo! who with both search engines adopting the warning system.

It is thought that this simple system of alerting people that child abuse images are illegal could lead to half as many people then continuing on with the search.  The message will also remind internet users that their internet activity can be tracked and is a criminal activity.

Google are sticking to their guns and are refusing to follow the alert system because the company believe that they are tackling the problem through their own methods and these ways are more effective than the alert to users.

the warning on Bing would come on as soon as a person types in a term that could potentially lead them to child pornography.  The wording of the warning had been put together with the consultation from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) and the warning would read: “Warning! Child abuse material is illegal” the message would also include a link to a site where help and advice is given to people to tackle the problem.

John Carr is a government adviser on online child safety and he told the Daily Mail: “The splash pages will not stop determined paedophiles but while they are very dangerous, they are small in number.”

He added: “These messages will warn off a larger number of men who are interested in these pages and stop them in their tracks.  At the beginning an interest in these images starts off as a mild curiosity but they get drawn in and in some cases it can lead to rape and abuse.

“These messages show them they are not anonymous.  Half would be put off by this.”

John Carr concluded: “What Bing and Yahoo! are doing is brilliant.  If they show it can be done effectively, it will be very difficult for Google to continue to refuse as well.”

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