Google facing Legal Action From Europe And US

"google legal problems"Google is facing an uncertain future when it comes to how it operates thanks to both the European Commission and The US Federal Trade Commission both getting ready to take legal action against the internet giant.

A report in the British newspaper The Guardian, says that Google have found themselves in hot water on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to the way it promotes its own services and how it uses its patents from Motorola Mobility Inc.

The company are also being looked into in Europe because of the Google Android software.

Android operating systems are now the most popular form of software for smartphones but competitors argue that because Google gives the software to phone makers for free it is in effect operating a predatory pricing system that has been devised to eliminate the market.

It is believed that Google have only a few days left to sign a consent decree in the US to regulate the future of the search system operated by Google.  If the company does not put pen to paper though and sign the consent decree it is believed that legal action could well be taken by the US Federal Trade Commission.

A lawyer in the US told The Guardian: “To avoid potential litigation, Google may opt to sign a consent decree.

“If Google refuses to settle and the FTC files a lawsuit, the T«FTC may also decide to open an investigation into Google´s other practices, such as its privacy policy changes from earlier this year.”

In Europe Google have a few more weeks to come to an agreement because the Commission is concerned about Google favouring its own products.

The dominance of Goggle is effecting the possibility of European competitors being able to flourish in the market and the Commission is looking to make changes to avoid this from continuing.

Google have been under investigation by the European Commission since November 2010 and a statement about the objections that it has concerning Google is expected to come very soon.

Google have denied any wrong doing in the market either when it comes to search results or when it comes to the free Android software that it currently gives mobile phone makers.

Google may be one of the biggest companies on the planet and their dominance of the internet is well known but it is not known if governments in the US and Europe will be strong enough to be able to regulate this internet giant and to what extant this might be to.


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