Google Clamping down on the Content Mills

"Google Clamping down on the Content Mills"There are many people who have used content mills as their main way to get keyword rich content. The content often has little to know useful information and is often filled with very generic material. This type of content is of no use to anyone and Google has taken the time to identify and eliminate this type of material from making its way up the result pages.

Google wants to make it easy for someone to find useful and relevant material. They do not want someone to have to search through site after site to find the information that they need. It is important to realize that if you have been using content mills as your main source of material that is found on your site, you may be in for a rude awakening the next time Google does an update. It is possible for you to get structured content that is pertinent and relevant without visiting any content mill.

The difference between a content mill and DSM Publishing is that the content mill is dedicated to producing as much content as possible in as little time as possible. The mills often do not care about the quality of the content that is sent to clients. They allow writers to do the bare minimum to insure that the client is forced to pay the amount that was agreed upon originally. That means that you could be paying for substandard content that will be useless to you. DSM Publishing has taken the time to find writers that specialize in certain niches so that you can be sure you are getting content that is niche specific and relative to your site.

There is no need to have general, useless content on your site. Google is looking for information that is unique and functional. The engine relies on the clients that use it. If they have a difficult time finding the information that they need, they will start using another search engine. As the largest, most well known search engine, Google has to keep up with the needs and demands of its users. It has to be sure that the results that are listed when someone searches for a search term are useful to them. Having generalized content is a sure fire way for your site to plummet in ranking and eventually get deindexed from the result pages altogether. Useful content written by quality writers is essential if you want to be sure, Google ranks your site high.

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