Google Calling Time On The RSS News Feed

"rss google"Google are to shut down the RSS News feed service offered by the company in July this year after the number of users was found to have declined.

While Google may feel that the RSS News feed service is no longer worth investing in it seems that many people are not of the same opinion and within hours of the announcement a petition to save the service had already been signed by more than 25,000 people wanting to keep the service.

Experts in the industry believe that the move by Google could well be part of the Google initiative to try to encourage more people to use other services offered by them including the Google+ service and their social media services.

The announcement about the end of the RSS news feed was was clarified in the official Google Blog which said: “There are two simple reasons for this – usage of Google reader has declined, and as a company we are pouring all of our energy into fewer products.”

The blog added that anyone wanting to look for other alternatives to the RSS feed will have four months to export all of their data and subscription details to other services via the Google takeout service.

Google reader has been available to users since 2005 at a time when there were few services available offering a way for people to keep up with their favourite websites and blogs and many believed that because of its success many other RSS type services were unable to compete.

Critics have stated that Google managed to push out any competitors on the RSS market when it came along and now that it is leaving the market there will be a gap that needs to be filled by others now.

However the move does fall in line with the company policy of pushing people towards social media instead with many commentators expecting the move for some time.

The subject of the RSS feed has been hotly debated on Twitter with many users claiming that the RSS feed had been doomed to fail because Google never dedicated time and energy into the service which is actually enjoyed by many people across the globe.

Whether a new form of RSS will be taken up by another company is yet to be seen as if Google no longer want a product it is usually the end for it.





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