Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker

"Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker"Anyone who is interested in keyword research is especially interested in the various tools that are out there to make the job easier and one of the most common question is, which is the best tool, Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker. It would be fair to say that Google Analytics is very good in terms of finding out what people were looking for when they found your website, that is if you had Google Analytics installed, but Wordtracker does far more than that and has been the keyword tool of choice for many internet marketing experts over quite a long period of time.

Wordtracker has it all really and it is of little wonder that it has seen off many of the new keyword tools that have come and gone over the past few years. Wordtracker is set out in a way that is especially easy to use and has customer support which is both extremity knowledgeable and very friendly.

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons that when it comes to Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker is that Wordtracker’s ability of being able to drill down to find keywords and phrases that get searches but have little competition is quite extraordinary. What’s more, it is possible to discover these valuable keywords over a surprisingly short period of time so that you can then get on with other aspects of your internet marketing business. You should be warned though, as soon as you log into your Wordtracker account it can be highly addictive and before you know it, many hours will have passed by, you will have some excellent keywords and phrases lined up for your trouble though.

Google Analytics, as good as it is, is unable to offer you anything like this level of service but it could be argued that it makes up for that in many other areas of its uses but when it comes to keyword research and Google Analytics Vs Wordtracker, there really is no contest as it is Wordtracker who wins hands down every single time.

You would expect a tool like Wordtracker to come with a hefty price tag but that is most definitely not the case and for only a few dollars, the novice internet marketer will be in the same position to carry out their keyword research as the hardened professional, so there really is no excuse to not enjoy the same kind of success as they do.

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