Google Ahead Of Microsoft In Value

"google overtakes microsoft"

Google has become the second largest technology company in the world and overtaking Microsoft for the first time.

The rise of Google in comparison to Microsoft comes at a time when internet capabilities have made the need for traditional computer software.

The change in position in the markets came as Google closed up one percent at $761.78 making the company worth around $249.9 billion.

Meanwhile, at the same time Microsoft, once the worlds biggest company, saw their prices fall by one percent down to $29.29 making Microsoft worth about $247.2 billion.

Google has come a long way since it first came onto the internet scene 14 years ago and has seen the company develop from being just a search engine into one of the biggest advertising means in the world as well as offering consumer other advantages including email and YouTube.

Experts are saying that the change in position between Google and Microsoft is marking the changing world of the technology and internet market as people increasingly use cloud services rather than shelling out on expensive software programmes offered by Microsoft.

The only company that beats both Google and Microsoft is Apple Inc.  Apple is the most valuable company in the world and is valued at $618 billion.

Apple took the top spot away from Microsoft back in 2010 thanks to the increasing use and purchasing of iPhones and iPads which have changed the face of mobile technology all around the world.

It seems that Google is set to grow even further in the future with experts predicting that Google will replace Facebook as the biggest outlet in the US for advertising.

However, Google remains as popular as ever as a simple search engine where in America it controls 66 percent of the search market while Microsoft only boasts a 16 percent share of this important market.

Google are also catching Apple in the sale of mobile devices with Google Android software phones rising to 64 percent of all smartphones, up from 43 percent last year according to Stamford.

Although Apple continues to reign as the largest company in the world both Google and Microsoft have projects in development that they both hope will help to change fortunes and push them towards really challenging Apple.

Microsoft will be releasing their new software version of Windows on October 26 which will be able to be used on tablets and handheld devices while Google has its own tablet the Nexus 7 which it hopes will increase revenues.

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