Going After The Long Tail Keywords And Keeping Positions

"Going After The Long Tail Keywords And Keeping Positions"One of the biggest topics of conversation as of late in the Internet marketing industry is keyword research. Well, keyword research has always been a big topic of conversation in the world of Internet marketing, but lately, it has really taken center stage because of the latest update to Google’s Panda; the exact keyword match domain update.

Just in case you didn’t catch wind of this update to Google’s Panda, or you haven’t been reading my past posts, basically the idea behind the exact keyword match domain update is to remove those websites that contain targeted keywords directly in the name of the domain. Why did Google create this update? Well, because they have taken notice that websites that contain an exact keyword match directly in the domain are more than likely in existence to make money, not to offer real value to those who use this search engine. Google has really taken a big stand against the creation of websites whose sole intent is to make money because honestly, more often than not, these websites don’t really provide valuable information to search engine users. You really can’t fault Google for this.

Getting back on track with the topic of this post; I want to discuss why you should really make an effort to locate and utilize the long tail keyword.

First, let’s talk about what a long tail keyword is. Basically, this type of keyword is more like a phrase, and it contains five or more words within it. Why is the long tail keyword important? Simply put; it’s because there is way too much competition in every niche in order for a website to get a good position on the search engines without them. Sure, you can use shorter keywords, but trust me; you won’t rank well with them.

Another benefit of long tail keywords is that they really do help you to attract more quality traffic to your website, which leads to more quality conversions. This is because you are more apt to target the needs of those searching for particular products or services with a long tail keyword.

So how should you go after the long tail keywords? Well, for one, think like your customers. Try to target exactly what it is that they are searching for. For instance, the keyword ‘shirts’ may be really too broad, but if you are offering ‘red long sleeved button down shirts,’ this may be a long tail keyword that can really attract more quality traffic to your site. Additionally, with a long tail keyword like this, you are sure to not only maintain, but possibly boost your position on the search engines.

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