Getting The Most Out Of Your Long Tail Keywords

"Getting The Most Out Of Your Long Tail Keywords"I often see people carrying out their keyword research and only going for the keywords and phrases that have lots of searches whilst completely ignoring the long tail keywords. Take it from me that this is such a big mistake because even though long tail keywords don’t have as many searches as the main keywords, when you are using a few of them the number of searches soon mounts up and I have experienced it many times when the traffic that I receive from my long tail keywords amount to far more than the traffic that the main keywords have generated.

Think about it for one minute, let’s say you have a website on dog training and your keyword research has shown that the phrase ‘dog training’ gets thousands of searches over the course of a month. That is all very well but can you imagine how much competition there is to rank in the search engines for that term, exactly!

Now let’s say you have discovered that the term ‘ toilet training for Labrador puppies’ gets a couple of hundred searches per month but only a few other websites are optimised for that phrase. You will find it far easier to rank higher and you will get traffic, now take into consideration that you could rank for a great number of keyword phrases such as those and those searches really do mount up over the course of a month, believe you me.

Leave the other webmasters to fight over the big keywords and spend ages trying to rank for them whilst you concentrate on what is often called the low hanging fruit. You will find it so much easier to rank for these phrases and you will soon see from your visitor stats that the time spent un earthing these long tail keywords will most definitely have been time well spent. It must also be said that it is quite enjoyable coming up with some absolute gems which you know will turn into a great deal of visitors to your website.

The funny thing is though, after a while you will also find that you will rank for other words and phrases that are included within the long tail keywords, I always look at this as something of a bonus but I have often been amazed when my sites are ranked for highly searched for words that that I had not even previously tried for.

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