Getting Ranked by Google

"Getting Ranked by Google"Many site owners do not know the first thing about how Google ranks sites. They have heard stories of what is needed and what Google looks for when ranking sites, but more than likely do not know the hard facts about what is and what is not needed to rank with Google. You can get your site to rank high with Google if you follow these tips.

Do not stuff your content with keywords that do not pertain to your site. If Google sees that you are keyword stuffing, it will not rank your site high on the results page. Google views sites that use a lot of keywords in a small amount of content as SPAM sites and does not give them high rankings. The most that any keyword should be used per 100 words is twice. This helps to insure that the content is not overly saturated, but the information is still presented well.

It is important to properly link to other sites, as well as, your own site if you want to rank highly with Google. You can link to other sites through article directories, blog posts, or through guest blogging. Many sites love to have guest bloggers post on their site because they know that it builds rank with Google. You may want to take the time to search for individuals that you think could add valuable information to your site and ask them to do a guest blog post for you. You can pay them with a link share.

The way you set up your site is also essential when it comes to ranking with Google. Google has the user in mind when they rank sites. A site that is easy to navigate will rank higher than a site that is filled with pop-ups and animated ads. Google is dedicated to providing users with the most efficient sites that they possibly can. If your site is easy to navigate, it will rank higher with Google. Having a site map and great backlinks can make your site easier to navigate.

The last thing that is essential for ranking with Google is relevant content. Google ranks sites that constantly have updated content higher than the sites that have content that has not been updated in a while. They know that users want useful content that is relevant. Adding new content at least on a weekly basis is the best way to be sure that your site gets the ranking you need and want from Google.

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