Genuine Internet Marketers Don’t Like Gurus So Stop With The Hype

internetmarketingguruWhat is it about internet marketing gurus that are so annoying? I have always avoided them as I have not found one useful thing in their businesses that would benefit me.

They all offer the same thing and always promote the same ebooks. They mention they make seven figures on the internet through free traffic. Though they never mention where they get the majority of their traffic from or where the majority of the income starts.

I also find they are also offering things that are years out of date and the majority of it annoys me.

There is one “so called guru” that gets on my nerves a lot more than any other. I am not using my blog to insult other marketers so he will remain nameless. But what he does is get people to promote his products as his main objective rather than them building up their own business.

He basically uses them to promote his business and his income streams while they do the hard work and he can just sit back and count the cash. Not exactly illegal but you can see why it annoys people. And he is very good at sucking newbies into his innercircle and selling them something that is nearly a decade old.

As a result whenever I hear his name mentioned I run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.

Though newbies don’t agree with me as I must get about 8 emails a day saying how wonderful he is and how he has helped them create their own product. Then if you take out all the mentions of him there is nothing left.

Here is an example – though I have taken the marketers and the gurus name out of it:

Hi Samantha

I am launching my xxxxxx a great affiliate program.

I am being mentored by xxxxxx as part of his Inner Circle Group and he’s advised me on creating my xxxxx course ” xxxxx”. xxxxx really likes my course and suggested that I contact top marketers to be affiliates for my “xxxxxx” Course.

I could go on as it was really long but you get the idea. All it felt like was that it was a ploy to get me interested in his inner circle programme and really didn’t sell his own course.

There was 90% of the email was promotion for his guru rather than his own product that he wanted me to affiliate. He also emailed me on a niche that was totally unrelated and was not going to sell to my subscribers whatsoever.

What this newbie doesn’t realise is that by promoting someone with a bad reputation they are guaranteed that I am not even going to consider their product.

I get hundreds of these a month and I really don’t know why they bother because it ends up straight in my spam folder and is soon forgotten about.

Though I am sure it won’t stop any of them as that is what internet marketing can be like. But if you are associating yourself with someone else that is not perfect then its about time you dropped the association with them once and for all.

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