G Is For Guest Posting

"g is for guest posting"If you have a blog (which you absolutely should, if you have a business on the Internet and you want it to grow,) then you have no doubt heard that you should post to your blog regularly. While posting to your own blog is, of course, vital to the success of your blog, you should also get involved in guest posting. But what is guest posting and why is it so valuable to the success of your blog and your online business? Read on to find out.

Guest posting is similar to posting on your own blog, except instead of putting the post on your own blog, you put the post on the blog of someone else. Why would you want to post on someone else’s blog? Well, the truth is that guest posting is a fantastic (and easy) way to grow your own blog.

Allow me to clarify. When you write a guest post on someone else’s blog, you can attract the attention of the readers of that blog to your own blog, thus growing your own readership. When you write a guest post on someone else’s blog, you can include a link to your own blog. If the readers of that blog like your post, they will likely click on the link to your blog, which of course, will drive more traffic to your own blog.

Guest posting is a very easy way to grow the readership of your own blog, but there are some guidelines that you should follow in order to make guest posting worth your while.

  • Make sure you post to a blog that relates to your own blog. If you have a blog in the crafting niche, for instance, write a guest post on another crafting blog, or on a blog that has to do with crafting in some way — a craft supply blog, for example. If you have a craft blog and you write a guest post on an auto blog, well, you aren’t going to attract the readers of that blog.
  • Make sure your guest blog posts are well written and engaging. Write your guest posts just like you would write the posts on your own blog. You aren’t going to attract the attention of any new site visitors if your posts are not well written or engaging.
  • Make your guest posts informative. People should be able to gain something from reading your guest post, and if they do, they will be more likely to visit your own blog.
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