Freeing Yourself Up So That You Can Bring Actual Money Into Your Business

"Outsourcing"The first time I actually felt like I was making money online was the moment I started outsourcing. Not the first time when it was a complete disaster (like I have mentioned recently in the Affordable Internet Marketing Course) but when I got it right and it freed up plenty of my time.

The biggest secret I have learned about internet marketing is that it is all about what you do with your time. At DSM Publishing we often get asked by our coaching clients how on earth we get things done in a week. Yes of course there is organisation – but after this it is always about having an amazing outsourcing team behind us.

What can you outsource?

Now this is the exact question I get asked all the time from clients! And my answer is always the same “whatever can be done cheaper elsewhere without a drop in quality” So for example I have chosen not to outsource my customer support or my email writing or my ebooks. I wouldn’t dream of getting someone else to write my ebooks for me because it is all about my experience and my knowledge, along with personality that shows in my work.

But at the same time you could outsource someone to do your social media maintenance and anything else that you would consider as falling under the data entry style work.

Plus for data entry and the Philippines the going rate is below a dollar an hour. So if you come on board and offer them $1 an hour they will jump at the chance.

Why I outsource

The main reason to outsource is because you have a lot of day to day running tasks for your business that simply would take over your day if you did them yourself.

For example – if I followed back new followers on Twitter, removed my daily spammers, went through spam comments on my blogs each morning it would be lunchtime before I could do anything important.

Not that these are not important, but to make actual money in my business I like to be doing things each day that actually result in money in my bank account such as:

  1. Sending an email out to my mailing list with a product link
  2. Coaching a client
  3. Providing internet marketing services
  4. Putting paid adverts on my blogs
  5. Creating an ebook
  6. Arrange some paid advertising

I could go on, put I am sure you get the bigger picture :) If my day was taken up with basic tasks and I didn’t outsource I would never make it past point 1 on the list above. I also find that you have to decide how much your time is worth. If you are working on your online businesses and in an hour you can make enough money to earn $100 an hour you don’t want to be doing things that can be outsourced for $1.

It just makes business sense to outsource.

Our organised business day

In a typical working day we get through three times as much work than the average business. This because we have order in our day, we know what our outsourcers are doing, we know what work we need to do for our clients and we don’t drift between Facebook and our emails. We just get everything done and look back at the end of the month with shock by how much work we have achieved.

Even on days when we have spent a few hours at the gym we have still had a very productive day!

So just think about this blog post when you are questioning your need to outsource. Even the busy working mum with a small blog could free up more time and be earning quicker by outsourcing!

avatar DSM Publishing is owned and operated by husband and wife team . They are also the founder and editor of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course and several other publications. Learn more about them here and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook also on Google+

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