Free Marketing vs. Paid Marketing and How to Get the Best Out of Both

"free marketing vs paid marketing"Internet marketing techniques are used by online businesses to attract prospects and generate sales. Whether it’s about search engine marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing, business owners have access to both free and paid resources. There are lots of different factors that should be considered when deciding how to spend your marketing budget. Most experts agree that businesses should use both free and paid marketing to gain exposure online.

A recent study conducted on 28 million people has shown that 94 percent of total search engine clicks go to organic results. Only six percent of clicks go to paid ads. Both SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) play a major role in your marketing campaign. You can promote your online business for free, or use advanced tools and services that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

The biggest advantage of free marketing is that it is, well, free. It also allows you to build lasting relationships with your potential clients. For example, if you write an engaging post on your site or blog, customers will read it. If they like your article, they will share it with their friends on social networks. Some will become interested in your brand and buy your products after reading your post. Writing quality content is the best way to get organic traffic and backlinks. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything. If you provide great content regularly, your site will get quality backlinks and get higher search engine rankings. This translates into more customers.

Paid advertising offers faster results than organic marketing. As soon as people see your ad, they start checking out your products. Those who respond to your ad are targeted buyers. With paid advertising, you can sell hundreds of products and get massive traffic to your website overnight. However, if you want to build relationships with your clients or create your own network, use organic marketing.

Both free and paid marketing are worth your time and consideration. If you’re just getting started with SEO and online marketing, focus on organic search campaigns. Build a strong web presence, interact with your prospects, and create your customer base. During this phase, it’s important to establish your brand and gain loyal clients. As your business grows, you can incorporate paid advertising into your online marketing campaign. A successful marketing plan should use a narrowly focused paid campaign in conjunction with social media and organic search marketing.

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