Four Common SEO Mistakes Everyone Makes

"common SEO mistakes"Everyone makes mistakes with regards to SEO but that is not a problem in itself as long as these mistakes are leant from. With that in mind, here are the four common SEO mistakes everyone makes, especially when they are just starting out.

1.   Everyone know the importance of keyword research and finding keywords and phrases that have a relatively high search count but with limited competition. The problem usually starts though when content is added to the website which is stuffed full of these words and phrases. People usually do this because they are going from information that they have read on forums, but when it comes to content, the golden rule has to be, keep it helpful and informative above everything else.

2.  The next mistake people make is that they fall prey to buying products which promise to help them with their SEO efforts. These usually come in the form of exploiting some kind of loophole but take it from me that these things are just not worth the money so leave well alone. Keep to the basics and you won’t go far wrong.

3.   It used to be the case that internet marketers would try and put up as many websites as possible. Once they had done the work these websites were left to run on autopilot but to put it bluntly, this just does not work any more. Google favours authority type sites and if you don’t add content on a regular basis you will find that your website will drop down the rankings like a lead weight.

4.   Lastly, one of the most common SEO mistakes would have to be spending time on generating low value back links or getting involved in so called link farms. There is no doubting that these link farms used to work in the past but as they are nothing more than spam it is important that they are left well alone. The same thing applies to getting back links off websites which are of no relevance yo your subject matter or even worse, leaving spammy blog comments, it is all a big no no and will do you far more harm than good.

It all boils down to common sense really, but if you are using these SEO methods at the moment you will be doing yourself a big favour by putting things right at the earliest opportunity.

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