Fiverr Hits Two Million Gigs Mark

"fiverr 2 million gigs"Online marketplace Fiverr have announced that the site has hit the two million mark with two million gigs now having bee registered on the site.

This was a real cause for celebration for those behind Fiverr mainly because the site has come a long way in the past year.  Only last year the site celebrated hitting one million gigs after being online for over two years so this shows a real buck in the fortunes for the site which is gaining more and more popularity online.

The Fiverr global marketplace works on selling low value goods for five dollars of less, hence the name of

The site was started back in 2009 by former lawyer Micha Kaufmann who took the plunge into online business and has been guiding the site ever since.

In the past the site has been seen as not offering a real space for freelance workers to get jobs because there is a limit of only five dollars that you can charge for work but the site has come a long way and the recent success and increase in users is attributed by Fiverr to the ingenuity of those who are using the site to find work.

On the Fiverr community blog they write: “Since Fiverr’s humble beginnings just three short years ago, we have come so far on our journey to create a marketplace that represents the best of the Gig Economy.  We saw the future belonging to you: creative, independent people achieving financial independence while doing what you love.”

Basically Fiverr is a place for people who are creative with how they work and this has enabled it to flourish with millions of users, however there are still people who are unsure about how successful such a site can ever really be.

Speaking in, Carmel Deamicis said: “I am a little skeptical – any work done for five bucks a pop, which is most of the gigs on Fiverr, can’t be that liberating.  It sounds more like being a cog in a machine, churning out cheap content quickly.  But I could see how it might be a nice way to make some money on the side of a full time job that cushions you with health insurance and the like.  And if you can’t find a full time job, well, then any money is better than no money at all.”

While gigs on Fiverr all cost a maximum of five dollars it is the extras that are charged by sellers that really make the money and through this Fiverr has been able to attract many freelance workers to the site and looks like continuing to do so.



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