Five Time Saving Tasks To Outsource For A Dollar An Hour

"Outsource Mindset"I love to outsource and it’s a very big part of my business model. I would simply be lost without it. But at the same time we get so interested in the idea of outsourcing that we end up outsourcing the wrong things.

There are lots of traffic generation methods for example that can be outsourced so that they no longer become a hassle to achieve. Then there is the daily data entry in your business so the big question always starts and ends with what to outsource.

Therefore I have put together the top five things that can be outsourced for just a dollar an hour. Then you can free up your own time and get earning instead of been stuck with administration on a day to day basis.

Social Media Basics

I would never dream of outsourcing tweets to data entry assistants as they don’t have the same level of experience as a social media expert. However there is the daily time consuming tasks that can be outsourced.

What I am talking about here is:

  • Following back your new followers
  • Removing your spammers
  • Deleting your spam from your direct messages folder
  • Deleting automated spam emails from other social media members
  • Following people in your niche to build up your following
  • Loading up your blog posts on your social media channels
  • Sending you statistics on your social media

All of the above I outsource on each of my blogs (I have two) for $5 a week, $1 a day and it is like a weight has been lifted with how long they would take me in comparison.

Ad Posting

I love the traffic you can get from free classified sites but it feels like it takes an eternity to get them submitted and approved.

Not to mention someone will report you as a spammer and it will feel like a total waste of your time. Bring an outsourcer on board and wham you have your traffic and the hassle has been taken away from you.

Yahoo Answers

"Outsourcing Tips"

I am a huge fan of Yahoo Answers and it plays a key role in my referring traffic for both my websites. However it’s even a bigger nightmare than doing Ad Posting. They decide you are a spammer, you have to have a level 2 account for a live link and then there are lots of other things standing in your way too.

Then you bring Fiverr onboard and they have some brilliant outsourcers that will do 10 answers for you for just $5.00 and the time taken on their part would result in you getting a very cheap deal.

Social Bookmarking

This is another personal favourite of mine and can be outsourced for less than $1 an hour. This is all about getting someone to do your social bookmarking submissions for you so that you don’t have to.

You can read more here about why social bookmarking is so important. Though I am sure many of you will know it’s a very big part of your SEO campaign.

I will supply my outsourcer with a list of links and tags I would like doing and then they will do the rest :)

Keyword Research

To get good quality results from your keyword research you need to put in a lot of manual hours to get it spot on. (You can read here how I do it!) Some disagree and say I should use their software that they are approving! But I have found much better results my way. The way I can affiliate an Amazon product with less than 20,000 in competition in Google.

Well I don’t have the time to do this myself – so it is outsourced. Then I look through the results and see what I want to keep and what I want to remove from the spreadsheet.

Through outsourcing I can do this at a low cost and then look through the results to implement the keywords through social media and SEO.

So there you have it – five simple things that can save you a fortune both on time and expense. Look at your business and see which ones you could use to improve your productivity on a day to day, long term basis.

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