Five Simple Reasons Why Your Fiverr Gigs Are Not Selling

"Fiverr Selling Tips"I have been using Fiverr for a few years now. I love the simplicity of it, I love how easy it is to earn money and most of all I enjoy the quick cash injections into my PayPal account.

I have also spent many years perfecting my Fiverr campaigns, to see if I can increase my income streams, my upsells and how passive I can make Fiverr. I must have read 100 ebooks on the subject and right now I love where my Fiverr account is.

It is as close to perfection that I can get and I wanted to share some of my favourite methods with you so here is Five Simple Reasons Why Your Fiverr Gigs Are Not Selling:

Reason #1 – Your Keywords

Keywords are just as important on Fiverr as they are if you are targeting Google. For example if you are selling banner ads you want a variety of keywords in your title and description that people might search for.

So if you had a pet blog you might be targeting:

  • Pet blog ad
  • Pet blog advertising
  • Pet blog banner
  • Pet banner
  • Pet advertising
  • Pet ad
  • Pet blog

Then you would title it:

I Will Place Your Banner Ad On My Pet Blog Advertising It To My Active Pet Readers

As you can see from the title above you are targeting lots of keywords in one. Then you can do the exact same thing for the description.

People use the search facilities on Fiverr a lot so it can make a real difference. I have many of my adverts that have had over 10,000 impressions. It may not sound like a lot, but when you think of how many sellers there are on there and that is just from one ad then it is a big deal!

Reason #2 – Not Competitive

You have to be able to offer something on Fiverr where you are either the best at it in the business with amazing feedback, or you are cheap.

By cheap I mean never over sell yourself as it defeats the purpose of Fiverr but at the same time you don’t want to be the most expensive on Fiverr.

I have seen writing gigs on Fiverr where post will offer a 500 word article for a Fiverr, if you only offering 200 words for the same price – why would anyone buy from you?

Reason #3 – Bad Feedback

I know I am stating the obvious here but I am surprised by how many people don’t take this seriously! If you have less than 98% feedbacks on a gig close the gig and start a new one. Then if this continues to happen you have to realise this gig is not for you!

I have seen people with 80% feedback complaining that they are not getting any sales and you have to ask yourself whether or not you would buy a gig on Fiverr from someone with 20% negative comments???

A Word Of Caution – I had bad feedback on one of my old accounts and it brought my feedback down to 98%. What I didn’t know is that Fiverr were ghosting me because of my feedback even though I was a level 2 seller.

So I opened a new account, moved my gigs over and my high sales returned.

Reason #4 – Bad Tags

Just like with the title and description the tags are really important. I just don’t understand why most new Fiverr sellers don’t put much attention into choosing their tags.

You can’t use the same tag more than once, but you can concentrate on a variety of keywords that people would use to find your product.

Reason #5 – Bad Pictures

Fiverr force people to put a picture on with the gig and it must be of a certain size. Now many people use the same old stock photography images from I Stock Photo. This ends up having a negative effect on your gig because everyone is using them.

You need to stand out and be unique and by using the same as everyone else this is not going to happen.

My best converting Fiverr gigs have been the ones where I have paid extra to graphic designers to have specific images made.

It makes a huge difference and you would be amazed by the results!

These are just five reasons and if you can improve on them you can have a lot of improvements in your sales. Just examine your gigs and see which ones are converting and any that are not get rid of the and replace them with something better.

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