Five Silly Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Squeeze Page Conversions

"Conversion Rate Tips"I have been building subscribers through to my sales funnels for a number of years now. It all started with me wanting to try out something new, then through experimenting over the years I have not only enjoyed great conversions but also built up a fantastic member’s base at the same time.

Though since then I have been fascinated with conversions. How if I send 100 visitors to my squeeze page I will make money. Then I can rinse and repeat with more traffic thus making money as I sleep.

However as an internet marketing coach I am always shocked by how many people fail to test their conversions and just throw traffic at it and hope for the best! Then secondly they have key errors on their Squeeze Pages that hold back the potential earnings that they have sat in front of them.

Therefore I have decided to blog today about the five biggest errors I constantly see on Squeeze Pages to help others bump up their conversion rates.

The Ferrari

Of course we all have dreams but how many future internet marketers actually want a Ferrari? Seriously people want to leave their boring jobs with no financial security and run their own successful online business. Ferrari’s never really come into this in their radar and often when they see the big bright red Ferrari jumping at them from a Squeeze Page they often have the “too good to be true” mentality going.

Yes of course – the average Joe wants to see that the guy that is working from home used to work for the minimum wage in a factory but you don’t have to take it too far the other way!

Plus with the amount of fake sales pages doing the rounds they will just as easily be renting it for the day for their sales copy. Or even posing with their uncle’s car.

So drop the Ferrari and concentrate on what you are offering not the dream – I once tested it with the Ferrari (with one of my usual traffic sources) and the conversions dropped by 70%.

Boring And Plain Sells

It is amazing when you put a Squeeze Page up with scruffy boring graphics how good it converts. You would be surprised to here that this currently converts at 72% and with some paid traffic it even converts at 80%+.

You can see it here:

"Opt In Conversions"

Simple and to the point and delivers with what is promised. It may be boring and simple but it does the job perfectly.

Below The Fold

It is important that when someone visits your Squeeze Page they don’t need to go below the fold. By this I mean that when they visit they don’t have to scroll down to be able to enter their email address.

This can make the difference with as much as a 20% drop in your sign up rate if you don’t do this.

Just look at how your Squeeze Page is displayed and make sure that people don’t have to scroll to be able to see it.

Email Address Only

I used to ask for a name and an email address before people would subscribe. Now this was back in 2008 before I knew any better J

Since then I have changed it so that all I ask for is their email address and my conversions doubled after I did this. The downside of this is that you can’t send out emails with their name on them but I haven’t seen this affect my sales at all.

People like how quick it is to subscribe and get what they are subscribing for so make sure you think about this when you create your sign up box.

Two Sign Up Boxes

I do have some long Squeeze Pages that are not short and to the point like the traditional modern Squeeze Page looks. With these they have generally been out there on the internet on old blog pages for some time now. So instead of reducing my sign up rate I have two sign up boxes on them. One at the start of the Squeeze Page and one at the end and it has really helped make old fashioned Squeeze Pages convert.

There are of course many other ways to get conversions but these are the ones that stick in my memory when I visit other Squeeze Pages and the reasons why their subscribe rate is low.

Examine these changes and see which ones you can incorporate into your online business. If you are happy with your squeeze page and you are ready to take your sales funnel to the next level then I suggest you read my Safe Swaps Review.

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