First Impressions Count: What Is On Your Websites Front Page

"First Impressions Count: What Is On Your Websites Front Page"We have all heard the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Well, this saying not only applies to people, but it also applies to your business.

When you first meet someone new, you immediately formulate an opinion about that person based on their appearance, their actions and what they say; right? If that person is dressed sloppily, acts inappropriately and says inappropriate things, you are likely going to formulate a negative opinion about that person. Am I right? Well, the same thing holds true for your Internet marketing business. When people land on your Web site, they are going to formulate an opinion about your site based on what they first see. This means that what you feature on the front page of your Web site really needs to count.

When people first land on your site, what do they see? What does your front page look like? Is it visually appealing? Does it contain useful information? Is it easy to navigate? In short, does the front page of your Web site draw people in?

In order to answer this question, pretend that you are a prospective client who is visiting your site for the first time. Let’s use the cooking niche as an example. If you were someone who was looking for cooking ideas and you landed on your Web site, would you be impressed when you first opened it up? Would the appearance of your site grab your attention? Would you be able to find information related to cooking easily? Would you find it easy to locate the information that you are looking for? In short, if you were visiting your Web site, would you stay on it and look around, or would you click off of it?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then that is a good thing. However, keep in mind that you can always update things and make the site even more appealing. If the answer is ‘no,’ however, then you really need to get to working on improving the look of your home page. How can you do that? Well, start by improving the appearance of your site. Add visually appealing graphics that relate to your niche and that your targeted audience will find attractive. In other words, dress it up and make it pretty.

In addition to making your site visually appealing, you should then add great content on your front page, make it easy to navigate and fill it with information that will draw your targeted audience in even further.

You only get one chance to make a good impression, so make your front page shine.

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