Father Looks To Ban Daughter From Facebook

"child-ban-facebook"A father in Northern Ireland has failed to have his 13 year old daughter banned from Facebook by a High Court judge.

The father of the school girl wanted his daughter to be banned from Facebook after she posted inappropriate pictures of herself on the site, however his efforts have been rejected and legally he has been found to be powerless to stopping his daughter from using the site.

Facebook have said that there are no legal grounds to ban the school girl from using the site however they are now facing further action after the 13 year old used the social networking site to have what was described as “sexualised contact” with men.

Facebook policy does not allow anyone to use the site who is under the age of 13, however it is widely recognised that many children under this age have profiles on the site, many of which are approved by parents.

According to a report from the BBC the school girl in question has been posting inappropriate photos of herself on the site since the age of 12 and it is alleged that she has used up to four different accounts to be able to make contact with a man who is restrained from having any contact with her.

The girls father claims that his daughter’s privacy had been breaches with the sexualised content on her wall being degrading, abusive and harassing.

Speaking about the case  Mr Justice McCloskey said that he had taken into account the huge number of people who use Facebook and that the application from the father had to be considered to be misconceived while there was no way of supervising or enforcing a ban for his daughter.

He said: “The injunction is simply not viable since the plaintiff could conceivably disguise her true identity under millions of guises.”

While the father may have failed to stop his daughter from using Facebook through the courts the judge in the case made it clear that his judgement “is not to be construed as an endorsement of Facebook’s defence or acceptance of its policy of impotence”.

Facebook has more than one billion users on the social network and while the company has strict policies when it comes to hate online it has failed to be able to restrict the number of children who use the service making it potentially dangerous for vulnerable children who may possibly be targeted by people with dangerous motives.



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